Email Marketing Reading List #007

Email Marketing Reading List #007 – recommended by James Bond himself – is now available for your reading pleasure. This week we have some interesting articles with a diverse thematology including spam filters and email subject line length. Enjoy!

4 things spammers do legitimate marketers don’t

via Words to the Wise

Email vs. Social Media ROI in One Simple Chart

via Movable Ink

The final word on email subject line length

via Phrasee

Return Path’s Guide to Spam Filters – An Excerpt

via Return Path

Resending Email: Good Idea or Terrible Idea?

via SendGrid

Mini Interview with Jaina Mistry

Continuing the mini interviews with web and email marketing professionals, this week I had the pleasure to interview Jaina Mistry.

Jaina is an experienced email marketing professional from the UK, currently based in Bahrain and working remotely for a start-up in London. She also enjoys photography and a good film. You can read more about her at her personal blog or say hello on twitter where she’s a regular on the #emailgeeks hashtag and not only.

Let’s see what did we talk about:

What is your favorite email app?

This is a bit of a strange one, but I don’t actually have one. I use Gmail via Chrome when I’m on my laptop and also the Gmail app on my Nexus 4. Yes, it’s terrible at rendering email, but I still find it incredibly useful for the actual email side of things. Perhaps I just need to be enlightened.

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Outlook Conditional Statements

It’s not a big surprise when we need to write some specific CSS for our html email templates, in order to target Microsoft’s offline email client, our beloved Outlook.

We can do that by using a simple <if> statement in the <head> of our document, known as a conditional statement:

<!--[if mso]>
 // Only for Outlook (all versions)

We can take it even further from there and target specific versions of Outlook.

Specific Outlook Conditional Statements

First of all, take a note / screenshot of the numbers below, they are the versions of Outlook.

  • Outlook 2000 – Version 9
  • Outlook 2002 – Version 10
  • Outlook 2003 – Version 11
  • Outlook 2007 – Version 12
  • Outlook 2010 – Version 14
  • Outlook 2013 – Version 15

If we want to target Outlook 2007 and later

<!--[if gte mso 12]>
 // Outlook 2007 and later

If we want to target only Outlook 2010

<!--[if mso 14]>
 // Only Outlook 2010

Happy targeting!

Email Marketing Reading List #006

The Email Marketing Reading List is once again with you this cloudy Sunday at least in the south of Spain and Gibraltar. This week people went bananas with the Apple Watch pre-order launch and it will be interesting to see how this will affect our email templates in the future. It’s too early to worry about that though.

6 predictions as to how the Apple Watch will impact email marketers

via Campaign Monitor

Using Colour and Content in Your Emails

via Aweber

Don’t like opt-outs? Target your program better

via Word to the Wise

How to Open Source Your Code in 11 Steps

via SendGrid

The One Metric Every Email Marketer Needs to Stop Measuring

via Return Path

Mini Interview with Torben Gendorf

My good friend Torben Gendorf agreed to be the first person in a series of mini interviews of web and email marketing professionals I’m going to host in this blog.

Torben is a former colleague and currently works for Evernote! He’s also a pilot. A REAL pilot that can take a plane, take off and land in a real airport, not in Playstation. This is nothing short of awesome, isn’t it?

Thank you Torben for taking the time to answer these questions.

First question cannot be other than what’s your favourite email app.

Mailbox. I feel like, I tried them all. But this is my winner. Dropbox integration, Mac and iPhone and swipe for any possible action. My current workflow is to spend minimal time on email, so all those quick swipe actions work for me. Continue Reading

Email Marketing Reading List #005

The Spring is here and so is Email Marketing Reading List #005! You will find quite a few interesting reads below for a variety of email marketing subjects including deliverability and design.

A DKIM FAQ from SendGrid’s Email Compliance Team

via SendGrid

7 Things Every Team Should Know Before Hitting “Send”

via Return Path

Bad SPF can hurt your reputation

via Words to the Wise

Creative Navigation Patterns in Email Design

via Litmus

Easter Email Inspiration

via Email Design Review

Email Marketing Reading List #004

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to present you with Email Marketing Reading List #004. This week we are focusing on articles related to localisation, multiple languages and international audience. Here it goes:

Sending Emails Your Customers Want… In Another Language

via AWeber

Twelve Tips for Sending Email to an International Audience

via Return Path

Designing International Email Campaigns

via Email Design Review

Lessons learnt from sending localized email marketing campaigns

via Campaign Monitor

[tool] Convert your non-unicode Characters to HTML entities

via Email on Acid


Email Marketing Reading List #003

Looks like we made it to Email Marketing Reading List #3. This time we are going to read some older articles, bookmarked for good reason as it seems. Here it goes:

Video in email

via Style Campaign

Creating a centered, responsive design without media queries

via Campaign Monitor

Email Design: A Community of Hacks

via Litmus

Responsive Email Patterns

via itself

Email Design Workflow

via Lee Munroe

Email Marketing Reading List #002

Valentine’s Day has passed along with hundreds of promotion related to Love, Hearts and chocolate. Here are 5 email marketing articles that caught my attention during the week for your reading pleasure.

5 Email Marketing Lessons from Louis C.K.


How to increase your email click-through rate using storytelling

via Campaign Monitor

What is an open?

via WttW

Typography Tips for Email Designers

via Litmus

Using Video and Email Together

via Wistia

Email Marketing Reading List #001

From this Sunday and (hopefully) every Sunday from now I will post 5 email marketing articles that cought my attention during the week.The week is over but there’s still some time to catch up with our reading. Here’s 5 recommended articles to enjoy with your coffee or add to your email marketing reading list for later.

Mailbox preview and HTML content

via WttW

Re-thinking the Re-engagement Email

via SendGrid

How we use progressive enhancement to improve our email templates

via Campaign Monitor

Revisiting Style Resets in Email

via Jason Rodriguez

Interactive Emails – Beyond the Promotion

via Return Path