Email Marketing Reading List #004

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to present you with Email Marketing Reading List #004. This week we are focusing on articles related to localisation, multiple languages and international audience. Here it goes:

Sending Emails Your Customers Want… In Another Language

via AWeber

Twelve Tips for Sending Email to an International Audience

via Return Path

Designing International Email Campaigns

via Email Design Review

Lessons learnt from sending localized email marketing campaigns

via Campaign Monitor

[tool] Convert your non-unicode Characters to HTML entities

via Email on Acid


Email Marketing Reading List #003

Looks like we made it to Email Marketing Reading List #3. This time we are going to read some older articles, bookmarked for good reason as it seems. Here it goes:

Video in email

via Style Campaign

Creating a centered, responsive design without media queries

via Campaign Monitor

Email Design: A Community of Hacks

via Litmus

Responsive Email Patterns

via itself

Email Design Workflow

via Lee Munroe

Email Marketing Reading List #002

Valentine’s Day has passed along with hundreds of promotion related to Love, Hearts and chocolate. Here are 5 email marketing articles that caught my attention during the week for your reading pleasure.

5 Email Marketing Lessons from Louis C.K.


How to increase your email click-through rate using storytelling

via Campaign Monitor

What is an open?

via WttW

Typography Tips for Email Designers

via Litmus

Using Video and Email Together

via Wistia

Email Marketing Reading List #001

From this Sunday and (hopefully) every Sunday from now I will post 5 email marketing articles that cought my attention during the week.The week is over but there’s still some time to catch up with our reading. Here’s 5 recommended articles to enjoy with your coffee or add to your email marketing reading list for later.

Mailbox preview and HTML content

via WttW

Re-thinking the Re-engagement Email

via SendGrid

How we use progressive enhancement to improve our email templates

via Campaign Monitor

Revisiting Style Resets in Email

via Jason Rodriguez

Interactive Emails – Beyond the Promotion

via Return Path

Γιβραλταρ: Θεσεις εργασιας (Μαρτιος 2014)

Account Verification Specialist
Bingo Commercial Analyst
Brazilian Web Editor / Copywriter
Business Systems Analyst x 2
Conversion Optimazation Manager
Customer Reward Supervisor
Data Warehouse Architect
Developers (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript)
Director of Marketing Operations
Enterprise Services Engineer
Financial Accountant
Financial Controller
Games Platform Producer
German CRM Executive
German VIP Host
Grails Developer
Head of Marketing
IT Application Support Engineer
Italian VIP Host
Java Developer
Junior Analyst
Junior BI Analyst
Junior Product Manager
Junior Project Manager
Junior Webmaster
Loyalty Programme Manager (German speaking)
Marketing Manager: Media Buying & Real Time Advertising
Mobile Commerce Manager (German Speaking)
Mobile Product Manager
PHP Developer
Production DBA – Contract
QA Specialist
Release and Environments Executive
Senior Mobile Designer
Senior Web Designers x 2
Senior Web Developer (Javascript / Node.js)
Sportsbook Analyst (4 month contract)
Systems Administrator
Technical Project Managers x 2
Treasury Manager
Web Designer
Web Developers (Ruby on Rails / Javascript)
Windows Administrator

Δωρεαν Ταινιες στο YouΤube

Στο youtube υπάρχουν αρκετές δωρεάν ταινίες που μπορείτε να κάνετε stream νόμιμα. Ο φίλος μας ο Αμίτ τις μάζεψε σε ένα εύχρηστο κατάλογο.

Υπάρχουν πάνω από 15.000 τίτλοι και απ’ ότι λέει το περιεχόμενο ανανεώνεται κάθε μερά και προστίθενται καινούριες ταινίες.

How to sort movies in IMDb

Sorting movies by rating

We are looking for new movies from time to time and IMDB is one of the best places to go to.

If the IMDb search looks too complicated for you and you just need to sort the movies you want by rating, you can use one of the examples below:

Best Rated Movies of 2013,&sort=user_rating,desc

Check the parameters of the above url. We’re asking IMDb to search for the best movies of 2013, with at least 2000 votes from the users + sort it in a descending order (which means the highest will be on the top).

You can adapt these parameters to your needs. For example, adding more user votes adds to credibility.

See some examples below:

Best Movies of 2010-2012,2012&title_type=feature&num_votes=3000,&sort=user_rating,desc

Worst  Movies of 2000-2010,2010&title_type=feature&num_votes=5000,&sort=user_rating,asc

Best Movies, TV Series, Video Games of 2011-2013,2013&num_votes=4000,&sort=user_rating,desc

Happy searching!

73 νεες θεσεις εργασιας στο Γιβραλταρ

Ισως υπάρχει μία και για σένα!

Java Developer
UX Designer
Executive Assistant & Office Coordinator
QA Automation Engineer
Senior Artist, Games
Prototyping Engineer
Producer, Platform (Marketing)
Producer, Platform (Technical)
Creative Lead
Marketing Adviser/Analyst
Project Manager, Games
Financial Analyst
Compliance Manager
Solutions Architect
API Developer
Systems Administrator
Head of Technology Delivery
Data/Reporting Analyst
Senior Web Analyst
Marketing Executive – Spain
Technical Services Lead
Regional Manager
Web Analytics Architect/Developer
Head of Brand
Head of Gaming Analysis
Head of Gaming Yield Management
CRM Executive
Commercial Analyst
Front End Web Developer
Swedish Country Manager
Trainee Financial Planning Analyst
Slots Executive
Financial Planning Executive
Java Script – contractor
Web Design- contractor
Copy Writer – contractor
Release Executive
Player Operations Executive – Slots – Games
Customer Insight Manager
BDM/Sales Manager
Marketing Executive
German C/S
Chief Architect
HR BP/Senior Adviser
Sales Agent– German and Japanese (English must be excellent), multilingual, Italian.
VIP Host –Finnish or English, Italian
Risk Manager
VIP Account Manager Team Leader
Web Editor – German Speaking
CRM Manager
CS Executive
CRM Marketing Manager
QA Automation
Software Engineer
Client Software Engineer
HTML5 Developer
Flash Client Software Engineer
Hebrew Customer Service
Business Intelligence Lead
IT Developer
IT Support and Service Desk
Fraud and Payment Analyst
IT Network/Systems Engineer
.Net Developers
QA Technical Tester
Test Automation Engineer
QA Performance Tester
Project Manager
Systems Analyst
Product Specialist
VIP CRM Coordinator
Operations Manager
Online Executive